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Leading free zone in the Middle East

As the leading free zone services provider in the Middle East, Dubai Airport Freezone (DAFZA) offers integrated business solutions to the global business community. The location, world-class facilities and the investment incentives and tax exemptions are just some of DAFZA’s exclusivities. Companies within the freezone achieve greater functional efficiency at a lower operational costs.

Reserved parking areas

An example of the excellent facilities are the reserved parking areas. To gain control over the entry to the entrances to these areas, a system based on remote controllers was installed. With remote controllers, the tenants could control the barriers directly, which resulted in abusing the parking facility. Plus many cases of lost and damaged remote controllers happened and there was no close monitoring of who is actually using the parking facility and when.

Access for authorized people only

To add the high level of security that is needed in an environment like an airport free zone, Nedap’s long-range vehicle identification system uPASS was installed to provide safe and convenient vehicle access without forcing tenants to stop their vehicle. Every resident uses a UHF Windshield Tag or UHF ISO Card that contains a unique identification number. The uPASS Reach, based on UHF (Ultra High Frequency) technology, allows consistent reading of up to 5 meters, so tenants do not have to stop to present their badge anymore. Automatic vehicle identification ensures a smooth flow of authorized people only and increases the safety of tenants, suppliers and staff.

Nedap’s uPASS readers are connected to an access control system, which will make the process of rolling out identifiers much easier, in addition to the added security. This solution was integrated by Alpha Plus Security & Alarm Sys., the company that provides professional security solutions for local authorities, industrial and commercial clients.

Convenient access

While the security of the reserved parking areas at DAFZA is vastly improved, gaining access at a distance up to 5 meters with Nedap’s uPASS Reach is hands-free. This makes gaining access to the areas quick and easy.

As a result of the implemented vehicle access control system, the parking is now better utilized by tenants and the authority. The Nedap solution is easy to manage and to expand. Another benefit for DAFZA is that no maintenance costs are involved.

This Nedap solution for long-range vehicle identification was integrated with gate barriers of FAAC and Magnetic, access control of Sensor UK and wireless access points of D-Link.


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