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The Alfred

The Alfred is situated in Victoria, Australia. The high-quality hospital has one of the busiest emergency and trauma centers of the country. It has the state’s largest Intensive Care Unit and is home to multiple statewide services.

Hospital staff car park

The hospital has a separate car park for staff only. Visitors of the hospital have no access to this parking facility. The car park has a bay capacity of 1238. At peak entry times, between 06:30 – 09:30h, approximately 800 vehicles enter. This leads to problems at peak exit times ( 15:30 – 18:30h) as well.

“Alfred Hospital provides a comfortable environment for patients and staff alike, parking is also considered as part of this environment and the same high standards apply when it comes to managing the hospital’s parking facilities. The combined SKIDATA and Nedap solution was chosen to ensure smooth, efficient parking in close proximity to the main buildings, allowing for easy, convenient and cost saving administration of the available parking areas.” Jack Frost, Region Manager at SKIDATA Australasia

Long-range vehicle identification

To provide staff with both safe and convenient vehicle access, Nedap’s long-range identification system uPASS was installed. All staff members are granted access automatically, without having to stop their car. This solution ensures a smooth traffic flow, minimizing congestion at the entry and exit gates.

UHF Windshield Tag that contains a unique identification number is adhered to the windshield of all staff vehicles. uPASS Reach long-range identification readers installed at the 2 entry lanes and 2 exit lanes allow consistent reading of up to 5 meters. Based on UHF (Ultra High Frequency) technology, these readers offer the right solution for straightforward access to car parks of hospitals, campuses, gated communities, etc.

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