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Failing to consistenly capture number plates

The college had ANPR cameras integrated to the existing access control system connected to the gate automation on two entrances at the college. The access control software checks the database to establish if a number plate is valid for entry to the school grounds. The system’s performance was marred by ANPR cameras failing to consistently capture number plates. This inconvenienced authorised drivers attempting to access the
school premises.

Our Tailored Solution: The Power of ANPR

In pursuit of an effective remedy, Nortech was involved for an optimal, smooth access control solution. Nedap’s advanced ANPR Lumo camera was chosen to integrate seamlessly into the existing infrastructure, tailored to meet Seaford College’s unique needs.
Its onboard image processing ensured swift identification, effectively addressing security challenges and simplifying access for authorized vehicles.

Transformative Impact: A Secure and Accessible Campus

With ANPR Lumo in place, Seaford College witnessed a profound transformation in access control efficiency. Authorized vehicles now experienced secure and seamless entry, saving valuable time and resources. ANPR Lumo’s adaptability enabled effortless integration with other systems, ensuring a future-proof investment.

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