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Citadel apartment complex Colombo

Colombo is the largest city of Sri Lanka, the financial center of the island and a tourist destination. Situated in a prime location, on Bagatelle road in Colombo between Galle Road and Duplication, is the Citadel apartment complex.

These apartments are occupied by residents as well as rented out for tourists. The condos in the highly accessible and prestigious complex are ideal for long stays in Colombo and offers amenities such as swimming pools, party hall, gymnasium and spacious communal areas.

Need for residential security

Because the Citadel Complex in Colombo is inhabited by residents and rented out to tourists, the parking facility is widely used. Due to its prestigious character, the complex’s owner, Citadel Residencies, assures a higher level of security, protection and ease of use from the complex’s parking facility. That is why they were looking for a solution to automate the entry and exit process of vehicles, so that residents can easily enter the complex and feel safe as only authorized persons are allowed in.

Automatic vehicle entry and exit process

Nedap and Cenmetrix PvT Ltd partnered with Citadel Residencies to provide complete automation of vehicle entry and exit process of the Citadel apartment complex located at Bagatalle Road. Nedap’s long-range vehicle identification system uPASS Reach in combination with Nedap’s UHF Windshield Tag was implemented to provide safe and convenient vehicle access without forcing residents to stop their car.

The applied solution is very simple: every resident uses a UHF Windshield Tag that contains a unique identification number. When the vehicle wants to enter the parking lot, the vehicle is identified by Nedap’s uPASS Reach reader. Because the reader can identify vehicles up to 5 meters, the residents no longer have to stop to show their card to the security guard whether they are authorized to enter the parking facility.

Nedap’s uPASS Reach enables very fast and reliable automatic identification of vehicles over several meters. It is the perfect solution for straightforward access to car parks, gated communities, condominiums and campuses.


“When we were approached by Citadel Management, they were looking at an automated and secure way of keeping their residents safe. Nedap was the ideal partner for us as they had the end-to-end solution. We are really happy we choose to go with Nedap’s uPASS, as the solution helped deliver customer expectations and received many accolades on the quality of the product.” Farhard Hussain – Director Cenmetrix (Pvt) Ltd

Secure and convenience access control

This realized project brings in many conveniences for the residents at the apartment complex. It ensures the automation of the vehicle entry and exit process without having to have a security guard manually opening and closing the gates every time. The long range reader linked with vehicle tag identifies only the authorized resident vehicles enabling entrance and exit only to them. Unauthorized persons are therefore also denied access to the parking facility, which contributes to the safety of residents in the complex.

“This system has helped us remove a lot of manual work, and our residents are continuously at ease in terms of automatic detection of the vehicle and the security that is brought in with it.” Pradeep Loganathan, Director Liberty Group & Finnpack Industries

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