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Long-range vehicle identification

The client requested a car identification system capable of simultaneously identifying vehicles through the use of number plate recognition and RFID tags.

This would allow security staff to quickly identify incoming cars, which would in turn reduce the wait time to enter the parking structure and thus increase the overall comfort experience for the residents of and visitors to the 900 apartments within the Burj Khalifa.

Secure and convenient parking access

Nedap’s TRANSIT readers offered the client one of the industry’s most reliable and robust solutions. Not only can they withstand the tower’s harsh climate, TRANSIT readers fill all of the client’s needs and require practically no maintenance.  The client is particularly pleased that despite multiple lanes at each entrance to the underground parking area, the TRANSIT readers are capable of precisely tailoring the read range and read area, all while operating on multiple frequencies (to prevent interference and cross readings).

By relying on Nedap’s long-range solutions, the Burj Khalifa has yet another characteristic that reflects the strong and innovative image of this world-renowned building.