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ISC West 2024, held from April 9-12 in Las Vegas, showcased the latest advancements in the security industry. This pivotal event gathered industry experts, partners, and end users, providing a platform to explore the evolving landscape of security solutions. In this blog, we delve into the insights shared by Curtis Dennis, Head of Sales Operations & Strategic Accounts at Nedap in the US.

Here are the five key takeaways from Curtis Dennis that highlight the emerging trends shaping the future of security:

1. Custom Art RFID tags add value for integrators

Creative service offerings are always a welcomed concept for integrators looking to differentiate themselves and provide additional value to their customer base. With the launch of Nedap’s new Online Tag Design Portal made for the US market, integrators gain access to powerful design tools for customizing UHF windshield sticker tags and hang tags. This scalable tool is a major departure from previous industry processes. The Nedap custom art portal allows for easy creation and custom art tag reordering while cutting production lead times by half! Integrators can also boost their brand by offering their company logo on credentials, increasing impressions and impact in the market.

2. Increased interest in secure Long-range RFID

Nedap’s industry-exclusive Smartcard Booster is getting more attention, partially due to increasing federal security regulations and an expanding community of smartcard adopters in the industry. The card booster represents the only technology in the industry to extend the read range of a Smartcard up to 40′ when paired with the Nedap TRANSIT Ultimate reader. Customers appreciate the “Dual ID” aspect of the booster, which transmits a unique booster ID number to an access panel, providing an ID for the vehicle and the driver on access and event logs. This is ideal for several verticals. Whether driving a forklift within a logistic center, a bucket truck accessing an electrical substation, or a police vehicle gaining secure station access. The Dual ID provides increased security and a valuable data trail for driven assets.

3. Technical Simplicity is greatly appreciated

Attendees often expressed their appreciation for Nedap’s “technical simplicity” approach to security solutions design. Nedap has a similar hardware configuration and integration process for every reader. The communication wiring, power requirements, and mounting hardware are similar across multiple product families, allowing companies to adopt the full line of readers and technology quickly and efficiently while providing technicians with repeatable solutions and confidence for various projects. Attendees also voiced their appreciation of our easily accessible and field-friendly materials, such as our Application and Quick Install Guides.

4. Service drives and retains business

Security industry professionals and integrators are under major price pressures in the market today. Integrators at ISC West were looking for higher-quality products, backed by solid service, to decrease installation times and provide greater overall value. “Quality service” was mentioned as a driving factor for growing and retaining integrator business.

5. Virtual Training enables entire teams

Nedap’s expansion of virtual trainings was noted as a significant benefit this year. Attendees took advantage of the convenient QR code sign-up process, booking spots for their teams back home and putting them in contact with Nedap’s industry experts in long-range RFID.

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