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Nedap Identification Systems is excited to announce the signing of a distribution agreement with Vitani Security, a leading provider of comprehensive security solutions. This partnership aims to expand the reach of Nedap’s innovative identification systems across the Scandinavian market, enhancing security infrastructure and delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to a wider audience in the region.

Strengthening market reach in Scandinavia

The collaboration between Nedap Identification Systems and Vitani Security is a strategic move to leverage Vitani’s extensive network and expertise in the Scandinavian security sector. Through this agreement, Nedap aims to provide its state-of-the-art vehicle and driver identification systems to a broader range of customers in Denmark, Sweden and Norway ensuring superior security and operational efficiency.

“We have offered Nedap’s innovative identification systems (vehicle and driver identification) to our customers for many years, as a supplement to the distribution agreement we have had for 20 years with Nedap Security Management. With this distribution agreement, we are intensifying our strategic collaboration in the Scandinavian market, which we are very excited about”. Lars Kornbek, Partner and owner of Vitani.

Innovative solutions for enhanced vehicle access

Nedap Identification Systems is renowned for its advanced solutions for automatic vehicle and driver identification, which include long-range RFID, UHF and ANPR solutions. By partnering with Vitani Security, these solutions will be more accessible and supported to businesses and institutions in the Scandinavian region, seeking to upgrade their security measures with reliable and sophisticated technology.

With this agreement, an even more intensified and strategic collaboration is marked. Both companies are committed to working closely to achieve shared goals and drive innovation in the Scandinavian security industry.

“We are thrilled to partner with Vitani Security in this distribution agreement. Vitani’s strong presence in the Scandinavian market and their commitment to delivering high-quality solutions align perfectly with our mission to provide top-notch identification technology. This partnership will undoubtedly enhance our ability to serve a wider range of customers in Scandinavia and meet the growing demand for advanced security solutions.” Michiel Rijssemus, Channel Sales Manager at Nedap Identification Systems.