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AAM Systems has been announced as Nedap’s Certified Partner for Long-range Identification and Wireless Vehicle Detection.

Representing Nedap Identfication Systems in Russia, AAM Systems has been a valued distributor for 13 years.  The high-end security showcase at the headquarters of CROC and SENSIT parking installation  in the streets of Moscow are two of the many installations AAM Systems accomplished with its installation partners.

“We are truly proud to be able to provide the best market technical solutions and equipment made by Nedap Identification Systems for our partners and customers for already 13 years. Nedap’s innovative technologies help us to solve a wide variety of issues, which our customers face today as well as will face tomorrow.” Andrey Milenin, CEO of AAM Systems

Nedap’s solutions have become numerous prizewinners of the main Russian security exhibitions, thanks to AAM Systems:

Security and Safety Technologies International Exhibition and Forum:
– 1st place in the category “Best Innovation Product” for vehicle access control and monitoring based on the TRANSIT Standard product line (2003).
– 1st place in the category “Best Innovation Product” for long-range vehicle identification with contact-less RFID tags based on 2.45 GHz technology (2004).

Protection Security and Fire Safety International Exhibition:
– 1st place in the category “Best Innovation Product” for the uPass Reach UHF product line (2011).
– 2nd place in the category “Best Innovation Product” for the SENSIT wireless parking sensor system (2014).

About the Certified Partner Program

The Certified Partner Program allows partners to get recognized as a committed Nedap partner. Moreover, they obtain access to benefits related to this program, such as additional sales tools, marketing resources, combined marketing opportunities and additional access to technical information and trainings related to products.