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In a world where the security of perimeters and the efficient flow of vehicles are paramount, we want to tackle the critical role of Boosters. These products are at the forefront of blending heightened security with operational efficiency, ensuring that only authorized vehicles and drivers gain access while maintaining a seamless flow. This article offers a concise overview of Boosters Nedap provides, focusing on their functionality, supported access cards and additional features.

What is a Booster?

At its core, the Booster is a vehicle-mounted device that serves dual purposes: a card reader and a long-range RFID tag. This innovative device amplifies the card ID number up to a distance of 12 meters to Nedap’s TRANSIT Ultimate reader, significantly extending the recognition range from the mere centimetres typical of standard access control badges. This extended range is particularly beneficial for vehicle access control applications, marking the Booster as a Nedap patented solution of unmatched utility.

What applications benefit from using a Booster?

The Booster is particularly relevant in high-security environments, where the stakes for safety and security are at their highest. Think of settings such as:

  • Airports
  • Seaports
  • Military installations
  • Critical infrastructure utilities
  • Emergency response services, the demand for robust security measures is paramount.

These environments often require dual identification processes to ensure that access is granted only to authorized vehicles and their designated drivers. By necessitating that vehicles be explicitly linked to specific drivers, the Booster system ensures an unmatched level of security and operational efficiency. This system is invaluable in scenarios where precise control over vehicle access is crucial, making it an essential tool for maintaining safety and security in high-risk areas.

How to use a Booster?

Installing the Booster is straightforward: it mounts on the inside of the car’s windshield using suction cups. The driver then inserts their personal ID card and activates the Booster’s button. A confirmation beep signals successful card reading, allowing the TRANSIT Ultimate reader to detect the card from up to 12 meters away.

Operating modes

The Booster offers two primary operating modes to accommodate various security and traffic flow needs:

  • Switch-Mode: Activated by inserting an ID card and pressing a button, the Booster stays active for 5 seconds, then switches to sleep mode to conserve energy. This mode suits environments where access needs are sporadic, ensuring security with minimal energy use.
  • Always-On Mode: For high-traffic scenarios, some Booster models can stay continuously active, promoting smooth traffic flow and safety. This mode allows drivers to focus on the road, ideal for busy entry points where efficiency is key.

Dual-ID and Ultimate-Mode

The Booster enhances security through its Dual-ID feature, assigning each vehicle a unique ID that works alongside the driver’s personal access badge. This synergy ensures rigorous verification of both the vehicle and its driver. Further enhancing security, the Ultimate-mode utilizes AES128-bit encryption for advanced, two-way authentication, safeguarding against replay attacks.

Nedap advocates for the adoption of Ultimate Secure Mode tags to achieve the highest level of security, effectively eliminating the possibility of replay attacks. For those seeking in-depth information on the security mechanisms of TRANSIT RFID tags, Nedap provides a comprehensive insight article.

Boosters overview: compatibility and modes

The range of Boosters Nedap offers accommodates all leading RFID cards across a spectrum of frequencies from low to high, including MIFARE (DESFire), LEGIC, and HID, among others. Nedap has recently launched the Smartcard Booster End2End, a testament to the ever-growing importance of securing highly sensitive areas.

In the table below you find an overview of the diverse Boosters Nedap offers, which card types are supported and if it has the ability to use ultimate-mode, switch-mode or always-on mode.

Successful customer stories

Nedap proudly offers the Booster, a versatile security solution employed in numerous applications across the globe. Below are links to some of the projects where the Booster has been successfully implemented:

Enhance your gate security with Nedap’s Booster

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