Get ready for something NEW | 4 June 2024

Nedap Identification Systems is excited to announce an upcoming release. From now on, Nedap will support HID’s Seos credentials with its long-range TRANSIT portfolio. With this cutting-edge Smartcard Booster End2End, vehicles can be identified up to 12 meters through Seos cards and mobile credentials from HID. With that, Nedap proudly becomes the pioneering provider of highly accurate and secure long-range identification.  

HID Seos integration in TRANSIT portfolio for unparalleled vehicle and driver identification

Nedap is known for its extensive portfolio in vehicle and driver identification solutions and its leading position in supported technologies for more than 30 years. They are greatly honored to include HID Seos credentials in their TRANSIT product portfolio. With this addition, Nedap provides security professionals with a groundbreaking solution for vehicle and driver identification, offering the highest level of security and the capability to read Seos cards from a long distance.

“This use case is living proof that our Seos credentials meet the needs of a modern world by seamlessly extending to applications interconnected by physical and digital systems. As a provider of trusted identity solutions, we are proud to enable pioneering companies such as Nedap to push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of secure, long-range identification.”
Gerald Grattoni, Head of Mature Markets, Physical Access Control at HID

Nedap’s long-range RFID Portfolio expands to include HID Seos card reading

Nedap’s semi-active RFID portfolio, known as TRANSIT, features a booster that enables the identification of both the vehicle and the driver’s card at distances of up to 12 meters. This patented solution ensures that a vehicle can only get access to a secured area when driven by an authorized driver. From now on, the SmartCard Booster End2End will also be able to read HID Seos cards, providing support for HID iCLASS®, Elite keys, and mobile credentials powered by HID Mobile Access.


“With the introduction of the new Smartcard Booster End2End and the upgrade for the TRANSIT Ultimate reader, we respond to the growing adoption of HID Seos and mobile credentials in the market. With this solution, Seos credentials can be read up to 12 meters, complementing existing Seos solutions for secure and convenient vehicle identification.”
Edwin Grobbink, Product Manager at Nedap

Thanks to its support for HID Seos cards, as well as its compatibility with HID mobile credentials, Nedap provides a new cutting-edge solution for automatic vehicle identification.

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