Maak je klaar voor iets NIEUWS | 4 juni 2024

A greater efficiency and productivity of vehicle operations is one of the greatest challenges today. Especially in mobile environments such as public transportation services. The use of long-range identification technologies improves the fluent flow of vehicle fleets. It also keeps track of vehicle and driver movements and ensures reliable registration of all vehicle related activities. Nedap Identification Systems is specialized in long range AVI systems which enables identification of both vehicles and drivers.

For example for public transport companies all over the globe, Nedap has implemented long range automatic vehicle identification (AVI) products. The technology enables identification of both buses and drivers. Integration with access control or fleet management software allows these companies to manage their bus fleet efficiently; record entering and leaving buses and monitor vehicle and driver related activities. 

Driver identification

Public transport buses are driven by a variety of drivers depending on the work shift. To know which driver is on which bus, often a manual procedure is implemented that is subject to human error. In order to schedule efficient bus services, it is important to have accurate information on the availability of vehicles and drivers. This provides real-time data to improve the scheduling of buses. 

bus fleet management

Automatic vehicle identification

This automatic vehicle identification (AVI) solution is based on Nedap TRANSIT products. The TRANSIT Ultimate is a powerful radio frequency identification (RFID) reader (2.45 GHz band) with a reading distance of up to 10 meters. With a Nedap Booster transponder onboard of the buses, you are able to identify both the vehicle and the driver simultaneously. The Booster 2G is an in-vehicle transponder that contains a unique vehicle identification number, but is also a card reader that reads the driver’s personal identification card.

Driver-based vehicle identification from Nedap offers fast, convenient and secure vehicle identification. This technology enables close monitoring of vehicular fleets. With this AVI system, public transport companies can verify the status of each vehicle. Vehicles are identified at several points in the bus depots, such as the maintenance area, refueling area etc. When did a bus go in and out? When was the vehicle washed? And when was it refueled? Moreover, each bus and driver is identified entering and leaving the passenger drop off and pick up zones to register if the bus arrived and left on time and who was driving it. At all times a clear picture of the status of entire fleet is available.