You know who is driving

To enable automatic identification of vehicles and drivers we support four platforms.



Nedap’s TRANSIT platform consist of semi-active RFID readers and tags (2.45 GHz) that enable vehicle and driver identification up to 15 meter (50 ft) in the most robust way possible.

TRANSIT is specifically designed to perform in high security applications and under harsh environmental conditions, offering long-range identification of taxis, ambulances, buses and trucks.

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uPASS Reach-lr-front


uPASS is the leading vehicle identification platform based on UHF RFID technology. uPASS enables long-range identification using a variety of passive UHF readers and tags (± 900 MHz).

The product line consists of different readers for a variety of applications with different read range specifications. This makes the portfolio ideal for convenient yet secure access control in every parking facility, gated community and campus.

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ANPR Lumo-hr-front


The automatic number plate recognition camera’s in the ANPR product line enable comprehensive long-range vehicle identification. ANPR is specifically designed for vehicle access control applications where RFID tags cannot be issued.

Our ANPR platform is ideal for parking and city access control as well as for applications where vehicles need to be granted access temporarily or incidentally.

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NVITE is the multiple technology reader for contactless driver identification. The NVITE reader is especially developed to read a wide range of credential technologies, such as Smartcards, Proximity cards and QR codes.

NVITE is ideal for easy and safe parking and access control for diverse users, such as staff, tenants and visitors.

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Secure & convenient

Nedap’s RFID readers and cameras are specifically designed for the purpose of identifying vehicles at long-range. Our products meet all functional and technical requirements to ensure an easy installation and smooth, trouble-free operation. Integration with third party systems is very straightforward.

Make your choice

Many technologies exist for automatic vehicle identification. Your application defines the requirements. TRANSIT is the most reliable and secure solution. uPASS is the versatile option that embraces industry standards and with ANPR there is no need to distribute tags. We are available to support your decision and gladly help you understand the benefits and considerations related to each alternative.