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Nedap Identification Systems is happy to share their strategic partnership with EINS Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.. By combining Nedap’s long-range RFID and ANPR readers into EINS Integrated Security Management Solutions, together they ensure a total access control solution for vehicle gate access. With this joint solution, a high level of security and a smooth vehicle throughput for user groups can be ensured.

Safe and welcoming experience

The requirements for vehicle access control are getting higher and higher. This ensures that perimeter access control is more than just securing your site. It’s all about creating a safe yet welcoming experience for all authorized users. With more than 30 years market leader in automatic vehicle identification, Nedap offers multiple solutions to enable frictionless vehicle and driver access for a convenience entry for your secured area.

EINS Technologies India

Founded in 2008, EINS entered the Indian market as a Solution Provider for Security Management System. Today EINS, an ISO 9001 2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified Company, is a proven solution provider in Access & Identity Management segment, offering various products to suit the changing needs of technology driven clientele. Partnered with Global Brands, they offer best-in Industry Solutions for IP Controllers, RFID, different Biometrics technologies, IP Based RFID Readers, Wireless Readers, Integration with 3rd Party Solutions etc. on a single platform for various solutions to suit every needs of their Customers from different verticals.

Strategic partnership for automatic vehicle identification

To optimize the vehicle throughput at gates, Nedap announces EINS as a strategic partner for long-range vehicle identification. With this joint solution, vehicles can be identified up to a distance of 10 meters, resulting in a smooth vehicle throughput while security is being enhanced. This has been achieved by Nedap Identification Systems’ portfolio of high quality license plate cameras and RFID readers (and tags), which ensures vehicle and driver identification. Nedap’s multi-technology reader NVITE, long-range reader series TRANSIT and uPASS and ANPR Lumo has been integrated via Wiegand and OSDP into EINS, that offered different IP Controllers and where information is displayed on the EINS Software.

“Nedap’s innovative pace and focus on customer experience matches our core values. We are proud to offer our partners & customers leading technologies that improve the way their businesses work. Nedap’s multi-technology reader NVITE, long-range readers and ANPR will all contribute to a safer, more productive work environment for our Partners & Customers.” Karan Kanal, Director at EINS Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

First successful projects

EINS and Nedap Identification Systems have already completed the first projects in different verticals, like data center, premium residential units, multi-tenant corporate parks and large corporates.

“We are glad to have worked with EINS – Karan and their team as a Solution Partnership is what we needed. EINS has portrayed aggressiveness in their solutions with Long Range Identification for both Vehicle and Personnel. We are looking ahead with more landmark projects with EINS in the near future.” Marc Chia, Business Development Manager ASIA at Nedap Identification Systems

Tyco – CEM Systems, part of  Johnson Controls International and Nedap Identification Systems, cooperate already for over 10  years to ensure a total access control solution for gate access. The joint solution, which ensures a high level of security, streamlined traffic flows and an optimised vehicle access, has been implemented by countless organisations worldwide, such as hospitals, airports, ports, critical infrastructure and petrochemical plants.

The requirements for vehicle access control are increasing and go beyond just securing your perimeter. While this may be the first thing that comes to mind if we think of gate access control, nowadays other aspects such as convenience, touchless entrance and streamlined traffic flows are equally important. Think, for example, of a logistics location where every lost minute costs money and therefore an optimal traffic flow is crucial, or an airport environment where entry must be both convenient and highly resilient for employees, visitors and contractors.

Tyco-CEM Systems and Nedap Identification Systems have enjoyed over 10 years of collaboration which has seen vehicle throughput at gates optimised on the basis of long-distance identification. This has been achieved by Nedap Identification Systems’ portfolio of high quality license plate cameras and RFID readers (and tags), which identify vehicles and drivers, working alongside Tyco – CEM Systems’ –  powerful and flexible AC2000 access control and integrated security management system.

“At Tyco – CEM Systems we provide solutions for our customers to manage all areas within their facility. Working with Nedap Identification Systems over many years, we have been able to provide the highest level of security and feature set by integrating their RFID products for long range access control for barriers and gates to provide a solution for vehicles and staff across the entire site.”
Philip Verner, Regional Sales Director, EMEA, Tyco – CEM Systems

“After 10 years of cooperation between Tyco – CEM Systems and Nedap, we are now reinforcing the relationship, to create a total access control solution, which includes gate security for the verticals that CEM Systems is active in – such as airports, ports and critical infrastructure sites.”
Evelien O’Sullivan, Proposition Management, Nedap Identification Systems

Tyco – CEM Systems and Nedap Identification Systems have provided successful installations together in the world’s largest facilities including oil refineries, ports, airports, hospitals, universities, corporate premises and more. Both companies are looking forward to a continuing partnership and delivering many more complete access control solutions around the world.

About Tyco-CEM Systems
CEM Systems from Tyco is a leading provider of access control and fully integrated enterprise security management systems. With 30 years’ experience in the security and IT industry, CEM manufactures both the access control system hardware and software. This uniquely offers unparalleled levels of flexibility in selecting a complete access control solution to meet your security needs. CEM worldwide clients include Hospitals, Banks, Airports, Ports, Petrochemical plants, Universities, corporate premises and much more.

Nedap, leading specialist in advanced vehicle identification solutions, has upgraded its ANPR Lumo license plate reader for vehicle access control with Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) ensuring a greater site security. The ANPR Lumo is one of the world’s first all-in-one license plate recognition system compatible with the OSDP protocol V.2.1.7. The OSDP upgrade within Nedap’s ANPR Lumo camera makes it possible to improve vehicle gate access in a trusted and secure manner. Which enables security managers to further improve their site security.

OSDP offers enhanced security

For security professionals, a secure facility is the number one priority within the world of access control. The introduction of the OSDP compliancy offers enhanced security to gate access control solutions in high-security applications. OSDP enables advanced and secure communication between the reader and access control panel that supports this protocol as well. An increasing number of security and access control systems is supporting OSDP technology.

Nedap’s ANPR Lumo is now compatible with OSDP

The all-in-one license plate camera ANPR Lumo has a powerful OCR (optical character recognition) and advanced software intelligence built-in. It features the fastest and most accurate recognition of vehicle license plates in range of action of 2 to 10 meters even in high speed traffic flows. Both IR-reflective and non-reflective plates as well as standard and custom license plate formats can be read reliably due to the ANPR Lumo’s smart learning algorithms. ANPR Lumo is now compatible with OSDP V.2.1.7. Key advantages of using the OSDP enabled license plate recognition in Physical Access Control Systems are:

  • Advanced security: OSDP supports Secure Channel Protocol (128-bit AES encryption) and therefore enables increased security. This protocol is essential for exchanging data between the license plate reader and third party controller panel.
  • Time saving and cost reducing installation: OSDP supports ease of installation and a cost-effective installation of ANPR Lumo. Less wiring is required and longer cable distances can be realized. Simplified project deployments result in a reduction of the total cost of ownership.
  • Open industry standard: OSDP is an open industry standard which creates more flexibility. It features standardized communication, enabling security professionals the opportunity to create flexible and scalable ANPR system integrations.
  • Bi-directional communication: OSDP uses bi-directional communication between the reader and controller, enabling ANPR Lumo readers to be configurated and managed remotely in real-time.

“The awareness for OSDP as a more secure communication protocol in comparison to traditional protocols is growing. OSDP is being adopted and recommended by more security professionals specifying access control installations. We are delighted with this OSDP upgrade, making ANPR Lumo one of the world’s first license plate recognition system available for vehicle access control applications that require higher security. In addition, we are pleased with offering system integrators a full range of OSDP compatible long-range RFID and ANPR solutions for automatic vehicle identification, enabling them to determine the best product applications to their projects.”
Ido Wentink, Proposition Manager at Nedap Identification Systems. 

Automatic Vehicle Identification Specialist

Nedap is specialized in advanced solutions for Automatic Vehicle Identification for over the past decades. They have developed a unique portfolio with high performance long-range RFID and License Plate Recognition solutions. With this OSDP upgrade Nedap showcases its continued ability to meet with the high-security requirements for demanding applications. With eyes on security, but without compromising on the convenience for the people that are using it.

Get in contact

If you want to know more about the OSDP enabled ANPR Lumo camera or the opportunities of Nedap’s updated RFID portfolio, visit the Knowledge center, watch our on-demand OSDP webinar or contact us.

Aviation security is of critical importance for Lufthansa Technik, operating at security restricted areas of airports to provide maintenance, repair and overhaul services. To control security and access to their facilities, Lufthansa Technik has implemented the future proof access control platform AEOS from Nedap Security Management. In addition, a mixture of long-range RFID solutions from Nedap Identification Systems has been selected to enable frictionless, secure vehicle gate access to authorized motorists. Lufthansa Technik strived for a security system centered around people, to keep them safe but also sets them free.

An increasing importance of security requirements for the aviation industry

Lufthansa Technik is a leading provider of aircraft maintenance, repair, overhaul and modification services for civil aircraft. A specific division within the aviation industry, where security is one of the main priorities. The need to control access to the Lufthansa premises has become more important. In particular when it comes to temporary or incidental users, like contactors and visitors. In general, Lufthansa Technik wants to create a user-friendly environment yet ensuring the highest security standards.

The right balance between security and convenience

To summarize, their challenge was: Preventing unauthorized access, while employees have seamless access to their facilities when they start their working day. A stable balance between security and convenience is needed to ensure the best working environment for their employees: A dynamic work environment in which they can move around, while they feel secure.

A welcoming experience starts at the gate

For staff, contractors, visitors and forwarded counts – even when entering a site with high security measures – that a welcoming experience starts at the perimeter vehicle access gate. While AEOS was implemented in the IT infrastructure of Lufthansa Technik, a mixture of Long-range RFID readers are applied at the gates to enable secure but convenience gate access which fit to the needs of the different user groups. The project has been realised in close cooperation with channel partner NTP.

Long-range RFID, a proven technology to identify vehicles and drivers

Nedap Identification Systems is a specialist in high performance long-range contactless RFID solutions that meets with the high-security requirements for demanding applications. Long-range RFID is a proven technology to identify vehicles of preregistered user group such as staff, workers and contractors. Vehicles and drivers are identified from a few meters distance to avoid a stop, in a very secure manner.

Melf Westphal, Head of Security Solutions at Lufthansa: “We were really impressed with Nedap’s entrepreneurial culture, hands-on mentality and personal approach. It wasn’t only the really good products they presented to us. With their support they helped us solve all the operational issues. They enabled us to create tailormade solutions that matched our security demands. It’s meant that instead of barricading ourselves in we have relative freedom of movement. I feel very secure but I can use my badge to go anywhere.”

Ido Wentink, Proposition Manager Vehicle Identification Nedap Identification Systems: “We are very pleased that an appealing name such as Lufthansa Technik has chosen Nedap. And that we as Nedap can assist Lufthansa to further optimize their traffic flows at vehicle gate entries and exists, in a fast, secure and user-friendly manner. Being a technology partner for Nedap Security Management, AEOS system integrators and their end-customers have access to a broad portfolio of high-performance, reliable solutions for automatic vehicle identification. A riskless choice of proven solutions that are fully compatible with AEOS-based access control environments.”