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Convenient for visitors and frequent users

NVITE is an advanced, multi-technology reader that enables vehicle identification and visitor management for multiple user groups, as it reads a wide variety of technologies and identifiers. This includes BLE, NFC, RFID, QR codes, smartcards, proximity cards and smartphone credentials. Which makes it a versatile, cost-effective option for visitor management, and vehicle access control for frequent users such as employees.

NVITE’s flexibility also facilitates a smooth transition to mobile access technology and contactless identification. Employees can continue using proximity cards or smartcards, for example, while virtual smartphone credentials are being introduced. So that, during the transition (or indefinitely), they can choose the most convenient identifier for them, each time they arrive.

An independent platform, NVITE supports various communication interfaces, such as Wiegand and Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP), for seamless third-party integration. Mobile credentials can be produced with one of Nedap’s partners, or a bespoke app can be created using Nedap’s mobile ID Protocol.

Key benefits

  • Independent mobile access platform
  • Ideal for visitor and employee access management
  • Offers the flexibility to choose identifiers, including QR codes, RFID tags, smart cards, proximity cards and other identifiers using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Near-field Communication (NFC)
  • Easy integration with your existing access control system
  • Simple implementation with third-party apps
  • Supports all protocols, including Wiegand, OSDP and Mobile ID protocol

Typical applications

Pre-registered visitor access – e.g. using QR codes

Multi-tenant vehicle access control – e.g. using mobile access control

Vehicle access for staff – e.g. using mobile access control and smartcards

Convenient access to car parks, office buildings, warehouses and through perimeter gates

How to buy?

Nedap is your supplier for long-range readers which are expertly installed by our trusted partners. Think it suits your needs? Please contact us. Not sure if it’s right for you? Or want to see how it works before placing an order?

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