Security is of strategic importance to airports, which are meant to be open to the general public while maintaining highly secured areas with restricted access. Nedap offers airport authorities a higher level of security by accurately controlling and monitoring people access and traffic flow in several strategic locations of the airport premises.


Applications include:

Secured gates
Gates that secure the areas between the land- and airside of the airport, to prevent unauthorised drivers and vehicles from entering the secured perimeters of the airport.

Terminal bus control
For some services, the doors of airside gates can be configured to only open when the vehicle is identified and authorised to service the terminal.

Commercial traffic regulation
Charging the vehicles such as busses, rental cars and taxis based on their transactions gives airport authorities a better insight in the commercial traffic flow and daily transactions.

Taxi dispatch system
A vehicle dispatch system can be implemented to control the movement of taxis allowed to service the terminals to maintain security and high quality of customer service and charge these commercial vehicles based on their transactions.

Staff parkingĀ and loyalty schemes
Fast vehicle access to the staff parking facilities can be realized reducing congestion especially during peak hours. Seasonal card holders can be offered added convenience and cashless payment when entering dedicated parking facilities.