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“Passive UHF RFID is a suitable technology for automatic vehicle identification as it allows data to be read from a long distance via automatic wireless communication.”

Convenient and efficient

Passive UHF technology makes it possible to identify each vehicle (and driver) quickly and securely. With this, you help to keep traffic moving and to ensure a smooth welcome. Nedap has a broad product range of passive UHF readers and tags, called uPASS portfolio. With a long, adjustable read range, it’s easy to place these readers in a suitable location, and uPASS tags can be positioned in or on vehicles for secure, automatic identification.

Secure and good value

There’s a range of uPASS readers and identifiers for different applications, environments and user groups. And they all benefit from Nedap’s decades of experience as a specialist in automatic vehicle identification.

They provide cost-effective options for vehicle access control that’s strong on security – identification accuracy is high, and communication and tag authentication is secure. With our broad range of EPC Gen2 V2 tags (which can’t be cloned) the right set up can be created for each situation and location.

Typical applications

  • Industrial sites
  • Logistics depots
  • Car parks
  • Gated communities
  • Campuses

What is UHF RFID?

Ultra-high frequency (UHF) is a popular form of RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology. It allows data to be read from a long distance via automatic wireless communication.

UHF is often used to track goods in the supply chain and is widely used for vehicle identification. For access control applications, it’s important to use secure UHF tags (such as the ones Nedap provides) to avoid people cloning them to gain unauthorized access.