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Challenges and solutions


Valuable tools, machinery and goods can make a mining site a prime target for criminals (especially if it’s in a remote location). Which increases the risks for employees too. But ensuring that only authorized people and vehicles get access to restricted zones can be difficult if a site is busy, with lots of movement between areas.

Automatic gate access control at gates

Nedap’s long-range automatic identification products identify vehicles and their drivers simultaneously. It means that only those with authorization get access to a site, and the process is efficient – even if no security staff are available. These products can also enable swift access to zones within a site for trucks, lorries, front loaders and more.


With mining sites presenting many dangers, keeping track of employees and visitors is a top priority. It’s important to always know who’s in which zone in case there’s an incident. And people must not be allowed to get into situations they’re not trained or certified for.

Automatic vehicle tracking

Identifying vehicles and drivers automatically is not only useful for allowing access ¬– it enables them to be registered and tracked too. Nedap offers a wide range of RFID solutions that enable vehicles to be identified quickly and very accurately by using RFID tags. Besides secure and convenient access at gates, it can be used for vehicle tracking and registering too.


To keep a site profitable, safety and security must be ensured without undermining productivity. Output and people flow needs to be continually monitored and optimized, without slowing down the production process.

Identification & tracking

Nedap’s long-range RFID technologies can be used to automatically identify vehicles and their drivers when they enter or leave sites or zones. These products can also be used to track vehicles and log when they’ve been through specific procedures such as weighing, loading and unloading.

Environmental conditions

Closing a mine for bad weather isn’t usually an option. So on-site technology must be robust enough to withstand difficult conditions – whether that’s extreme heat, high winds, heavy rain, dust storms or something else. And, as there’s often a risk of natural explosions in mining areas, it’s important that security hardware is explosion proof.

AVI in harsh conditions

Nedap’s long-range automatic identification portfolio is applied to improve secure, safe and reliable workflow operations at mining sites. The robustness of our products makes them extremely suitable for complex operations under harsh and environmental conditions.

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