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The mining industry is characterized by harsh environmental conditions. The main challenge in this industry is to optimize productivity at the lowest possible cost levels, while safeguarding the well being of the staff that is involved in the mining process. Conditions are harsh and heavy machinery, like cranes, smelters, loaders and drills is used. Locations are remote and the logistics of resources and material involved is often challenging.

Typical applications

  • Vehicle identification
  • Truck weighing and refueling
  • Vehicle access management
  • Time & attendance



How can mining operators keep track of their staff and their material? Is it possible to know who is in what zone in case of incidents? How do you prevent people from being in situations that they are not properly trained or certified for?


Mining sites process valuable goods and use valuable tools and machinery. Often in remote locations. How can you make sure only authorized people and vehicles get access to restricted zones? How do you identify people and vehicles in environments with loads of people and vehicles moving around?



Safety and security are important. But they should not necessarily undermine the productivity of the site. Productivity needs to be monitored and optimized continuously, without slowing down the production process. How do you monitor and optimize the flow of visitors, contractors and other staff, that move around on foot or in buses or trucks?


Vehicle Identification

The perimeters of mining sites need to be secured, even if the site is remote and security staff is hardly available. Nedap’s AVI readers are used in mining sites all over the world to identify trucks, lorries, front loaders and other vehicles while they are performing their job at the site. AVI does not only help vehicles getting swift access to the mining gates, but also helps identifying them when they move in and out of zones.

Smart vehicles access

Mining sites often span enormous distances with multiple entrances and exits for vehicles to the site. A variety of vehicles need to enter the site without unnecessary delay. But it is also important that it is safeguarded that only vehicles with the right safety and security clearances get access. Nedap MOOV is the purpose built access control system for vehicles. The MOOV controller can be configured and administered remotely, yet keeps working when the connection to the server gets lost.