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Challenges and solutions

Security & traffic flow

Most logistics premises house goods that, collectively or individually, are of a high value. And, as people are constantly entering these facilities from different companies to make deliveries or collections, security must be tight. However, traffic entering a site can be slowed by security or processing procedures. Especially if gatehouses are manned or goods are handled manually. This not only inconveniences those using the site, but can cause bottlenecks on nearby public roads.

Automatic vehicle access control at gates

Nedap’s long-range readers identify vehicles (and their drivers) automatically on arrival, so they don’t need to stop to pass through vehicle access control at the perimeter gate or at individual zones. It keeps traffic flowing and frees security staff to concentrate on other tasks.


With heavy goods vehicles and large consignments constantly on the move, logistics sites can be dangerous places. So, it’s crucial people can only enter the zones they’re authorized for. And employees and visitors need to be tracked, so it’s clear who’s where in case there’s an incident.

Identification & tracking

Automatic identification of vehicles and drivers is not only useful for permitting access to and across logistics sites. Nedap’s long-range UHF RFID products can also be used to track and log when goods have been loaded and unloaded. This provides information for delivery tracking and helps to ensure packages don’t go missing – either by accident or because of theft.

Related technologies

Passive UHF solutions

Passive UHF RFID is a suitable technology for automatic vehicle identification as it allows data to be read from a long distance via automatic wireless communication.

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