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Challenges and solutions


Public service institutions usually have a high need to protect service continuity, personal or confidential information and vulnerable or high-risk people. If a site is large, with lots of movement from many types of visitors and vehicles, this adds to the complexity of maintaining the required security level.

Automatic access control at gates

Nedap’s RFID readers keep security high at public service sites by ensuring authorized vehicles get fast, automatic access. They give the option for employees and other frequent users to have a tag in their vehicle so they can be identified quickly, at a distance.

Traffic flow

Although security is a priority, it shouldn’t hold up employees, visitors or anyone else authorised to use a site. The flow of vehicles must remain smooth, even during busy periods. So there must be an efficient way of identifying vehicles (and their drivers) to prevent queuing.

Optimal traffic flows at gates

Nedap’s automatic vehicle identification readers automatically identify vehicles and drivers on arrival. So they don't have to stop for vehicle access control at perimeter gates or individual zones. This helps to ensure smooth traffic flow and frees up time for security professionals to focus on other tasks.

Welcoming experience

In addition to regular visits, you also want to create a welcoming experience for your one-time visitors. These visitors are shortly known in advance and often it concerns a one-off or sporadic visit. How do you identify these vehicles and drivers on an efficient but secure way?

Visitor management

For visitors, using a QR code or virtual credential on their smartphone is more convenient for gaining access, and is less expensive, than an in-car tag. The NVITE reader can read multiple technologies, so visitors can use contactless identification – for example, by scanning a QR code or activating a smartphone credential.

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Semi-active RFID solutions

RFID is the perfect choice for a wide range of vehicle and driver identification applications, particularly valuable for improving security at perimeters, sites and buildings.

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Passive UHF RFID is a suitable technology for automatic vehicle identification as it allows data to be read from a long distance via automatic wireless communication.

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