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“License plate recognition is a convenient, solution for secure vehicle access control where license plates are used as identifiers”

A convenient solution

LPR or ANPR is a great solution for granting temporary or incidental vehicle access for employees or visitors. It is a good-value choice that makes it easy for reception teams, as there’s no need to issue (expensive) tags to visitors. It can also be used for ongoing vehicle access for employees, so they don’t experience the inconvenience of being always aware of bringing a tag to work.

Increase security and reduce queues

Nedap offers specialized ANPR cameras for exceptional accuracy and connectivity, ensuring enhanced security and smoother traffic flow at gates. This safeguards employees and visitors while reducing wait times, all while keeping costs under control.

Typical applications

Ensuring vehicle access control – only pre-authorized vehicles are allowed to enter.

Securing entry and exit gates in parking management.

Automatic toll roads to enable free-flow vehicle access.

Managing airport traffic.

What is ANPR technology?

ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition and comprises the technology of vehicle identification by number plate. With the implementation of automatic number plate recognition cameras, the technology is able to scan a number plate and forward the accompanying action to the gate’s system. This allows for a modernized version of vehicle access control, eliminates the need for RFID tags when the circumstances are not suited for RFID technology and limits the need for human workforce given the standalone character of ANPR technology.

How does ANPR work?

Any ANPR system is equipped with a high accuracy number plate reader. This number plate recognition camera provides an image of a number place and the ANPR technology converts the image into machine-encoded text. Leaning on optical character recognition, ANPR therefore supplies an encoded number plate that can be digitally read. In the context of vehicle access control, this means any authorized vehicle is granted access through quick and easy ANPR recognition.