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Challenges and solutions


Security is the main priority for most gated communities, as the whole premise is that only residents and other authorized people should be able to cross the perimeter. In some instances, you may need a high level of security. And in others, you may need to set varying levels of security for different people and situations.

Automatic access control at gates

Nedap’s long-range identification products combine convenience with a high level of security. Frequent users, like residents, can have a UHF RFID tag in their car. This allows a passive RFID reader to identify their vehicle quickly and automatically, at a long distance, so they can drive straight through without stopping.


Access control at gated communities must be welcoming and convenient – for residents, visitors and service providers – even when security levels are high. So it’s crucial the process is efficient to prevent queues forming, especially during busy periods; no one wants to be delayed when rushing to go out or get home.

Optimal traffic flows at gates

Nedap’s automatic vehicle identification readers automatically identify vehicles and drivers on arrival. So they don't have to stop for vehicle access control at gated access points. This helps to ensure smooth traffic flow and avoid queuing.

Welcoming experience

In addition to regular visits, you also want to create a welcoming experience for your one-time visitors. How do you identify these vehicles and drivers on an efficient but secure way?

Visitor management

For visitors it’s easy to use a QR code or virtual credential on their smartphone to get access. The NVITE reader allows this as it’s designed to read multiple technologies that enable contactless identification for drivers and visitors. All a visitor needs to do is scan the mobile credential they’ve been sent to gain access.

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