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Challenges and solutions


Huge containers constantly being loaded and unloaded, often with valuable or dangerous goods, mean security risks are high at a port. This is further complicated by the high volumes of people and vehicles passing through. So it’s vital you ensure authorizations are checked at every access point.

Automatic access control at gates

Our long-range RFID readers enable authorizations for vehicles and their drivers to be checked securely and automatically as they pass through a checkpoint. This prevents bottlenecks and allows the fast, convenient access needed, while also maintaining high security levels.

Traffic flow

Every day, large numbers of ships arrive and leave your port and their cargoes need to be managed and moved. To maintain profitability and avoid chaos, this must be done as efficiently as possible using smooth, and safe, logistics.

Identification & tracking

Our RFID technologies are used to identify vehicles and their drivers automatically, from a long range, as they enter or leave your port. This same technology can also track vehicles as they move through specific areas, such as when they’re weighed, loaded and unloaded.

Border access & migration

Because of the high levels of security required, only authorized people can be allowed to visit your port. But travelers and visitors should still be able to move in and out at authorized areas of the site without delay or stress.

Full-site vehicle access control

While a vehicle may be allowed to enter your port, it may not be authorized to enter every zone or company’s space within it. Our RFID solutions enable access control for vehicles and drivers throughout your port, as well as on its perimeter.

Related technologies

Semi-active RFID solutions

RFID is the perfect choice for a wide range of vehicle and driver identification applications, particularly valuable for improving security at perimeters, sites and buildings.

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