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Challenges and solutions


Industrial sites are often vulnerable to a wide range of threats – from theft of products or machinery to terrorism aimed at damaging national infrastructure, and even mindless vandalism. The challenge of protecting a site is increased if it attracts high volumes of people or traffic or is in a remote location.

Secure vehicle identification

Nedap’s long-range RFID technologies can be used to automatically identify vehicles and their drivers at perimeter entrances and exits. It combines security and convenience and ensures that only authorized vehicles and drivers are allowed access to certain zones.


Heavy machinery, moving vehicles, hazardous substances and the risk of explosions can make industrial sites very dangerous places. So it’s vital to keep track of employees and visitors, with only authorized and certified people allowed to enter restricted zones.

Tracking of vehicles

The long-range RFID solutions from Nedap can be used to track vehicles across a site. This can be as they enter or leave specific zones or undergo procedures such as weighing, loading or unloading.

Traffic flow

Bottlenecks at site entrances and exits can affect productivity and cause problems on nearby public roads. And, if a site spans a large area with various zones, traffic flow needs optimizing across the site to increase efficiency and convenience.

Automatic access control at gates

To optimize traffic flow, Nedap’s long-range readers and tags mean drivers don’t need to stop to check in or out at perimeter gates or individual zones. They and their vehicle are identified automatically, and from a long distance, when they drive through – which keeps traffic flowing.

RFID identification in harsh environments

RFID is also increasingly used by companies with explosive risk areas. However, you want to prevent a spark that can cause an explosion or fire. It can be a challenge to protect your teams and assets in explosive environments. It's necessary to meet strict requirements. ATEX dictates what equipment can be used in this kind of environment.

ATEX explosion-proof solution

Nedap has extensive experience with RFID solutions in hazardous environments which require explosion protected equipment: oil, gas, chemical and industrial fields. We have collaborated closely with these industries to create products that meet the highest regulations, certifications and standards. Nedap’s TRANSIT ATEX solution is extremely robust and offers high levels of security and convenience. It’s suitable for sites in harsh environments and certified for use in locations that need explosion-proof equipment. So, even if there is an explosion, it should continue working effectively.

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