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Challenges and solutions


If an office building’s private car park is unsecured, the risks can include theft, vandalism and assault. So it’s crucial to help protect people and their property by ensuring only authorized vehicles have access to the car park – while also enabling a convenient entry and exit.

Automatic access control at gates

Nedap’s long-range identification products include some that identify vehicles (and their drivers) based on a tag fixed to the windscreen and some that recognize the number plate. They all ensure that only authorized vehicles are allowed to enter and traffic flow is maintained. All long-range readers connect seamlessly with any existing building access solutions.

Traffic flow

Outdated access control methods - where drivers have to stop to show a card, for example - can cause long queues at office car park entrances and exits. Especially during peak periods, such as early morning and late afternoon. As a car park is the initial point of entry, queues create a bad first impression for visitors, and can also affect employee productivity and morale. An additional challenge is that different user groups (employees and visitors, for example) may have different types of identifiers, and different authorizations for accessing the car park and office building. Modern technology is needed to overcome these complexities.

Traffic management

To enable an optimal traffic flow, you try to avoid vehicles to stop for identifying. Nedap’s long-range identification solutions offer a solid solution for convenient yet secure vehicle access. In regards to visitors, issuing a QR code or virtual credential for use on a smartphone is a convenient, cost-effective way to authorize access. NVITE is designed to read multiple technologies like these, so contactless identification can be used perfectly for visitor management applications.

Multiple tenants

As many organizations need less desk space today due to people working from home, increasingly more office buildings are home to multiple tenants. And this brings its own challenges. For these buildings, it’s important to control which employees and visitors can access the car park and when, so each organization has fair use of it.

Multi-tenant management

Nedap’s product lines for automatic number plate recognition allow entry to be authorized without issuing tags. They also help to ensure fair use of a car park. They can be set up to ensure, for example, that once a pre-set number of vehicles from one company have entered the car park, no further vehicles from that company can enter.

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