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Challenges and solutions


Huge numbers of people and assets must be protected from risks including terrorism and crime, and operational continuity must be ensured. All while high volumes of vehicles and people move around, making incidents more likely to occur or go unnoticed. So it’s crucial that only the right vehicles and drivers have access to each part of the airport – particularly when it comes to vehicles moving from landside to airside.

Vehicle identification airside

The TRANSIT Ultimate reader is designed for situations needing strict security with no room for error. It identifies vehicles and drivers simultaneously and automatically, from an adjustable distance of up to 15m. So only those authorised can get close to planes and terminal entrances. This technology enables frequent fast checks on service vehicles as they move to and around the airside. If, for example, a truck is travelling through a tunnel from landside to airside, there can be several control points to ensure the vehicle and driver are authorised. Including if the truck stops for refuelling.

Traffic flow

Thousands of vehicles, travellers, visitors and employees should be able to move in and around an airport without delay or stress. But optimising traffic flow isn’t easy. Operations for multiple organisations need to be managed carefully, on both the airside and landside. So the entire operation runs smoothly, without bottlenecks building up.

Vehicle identification landside

Many airports use Nedap’s long-range UHF RFID technology to ensure only licensed taxis and buses can enter pickup points close to the terminal. This technology can automate billing too, and ensure the taxi that’s waited longest is called up next. Nedap’s long-range RFID readers or ANPR cameras can also be used to give frequent and VIP travellers fast access to car parks. Vehicles (and their drivers) are identified remotely, and there’s a choice to bill immediately or monthly.

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