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There are over a billion motorized vehicles in this world that need to be parked when they are not being driven somewhere. Parking therefore is a major and also growing global industry. Commercial parking operators and parking operators at airports, universities and commercial centers are all trying to optimize their occupancy rates to get the most return out of their capital investments in parking facilities.

Typical applications

  • Parking access control



What can be done to optimize the occupancy of the parking facility? How can you get the most of the investment that was made? How can you allow third parties to fill up your spare capacity without losing control of your gates and facilities?


How do you engage with our customers? How do you know who they are? How can you motivate them to return in the future, for example, by introducing loyalty programs?

Customer journey

How do you remain competitive? How do you add perceived value and potentially increase margins? How do you increase customer satisfaction?



How do you make sure only authorized vehicle and people have access to your facilities? How do you make sure they get access easily?

Vendor independence

How can you decrease the dependence on your existing supplier(s) of parking management systems when they are willing or able to move forward?


Automatic Vehicle Identification

Returning customers can get easy access to the parking facility using our long-range RFID readers (Nedap TRANSIT and Nedap uPASS) or our ANPR readers. The car, and potentially its driver, is identified automatically and your valued customers gets access without delay. You can choose to bill immediately or offer a monthly billing service.

Smart vehicles access gates

You are master of your own parking entrances. With Nedap MOOV you can link your parking management system to several online portals that enable sales and reservation of a parking bay. The MOOV controller will open the barrier for authorized customers and will store relevant events.