Access to secured perimeters

Secured access is becoming more important all over the globe. The rise of more regulations has led to different challenges within the industry. This increased security regulation incorporates the controlled access of people and vehicles to facilities. The reason for these new regulations is, for example, the fear of terrorist attacks.

With the two key user concerns, being security and convenience, our solution offers just the right combination of features to meet changing security market demands.

Secured convenient access
The Nedap system add elements of convenience to the required security aspects of vehicle access systems. Drivers are not exposed to assaults while waiting for a gate to open or inserting a gate pas. This is used in secured perimeters of seaports, airports, banks, defense sites, banks, industrial premises, corporate and education campuses.

Handsfree access
In buildings our readers combine the convenience of traditional door automation with the security of restricted access. Secure handsfree access is used to exterior and interior entry doors for disabled, emergency workers and hospital staff, allow industrial workers and equipment operators handsfree access to roll up doors.

Independent driver and vehicle ID
The system offers unique patented ability to not just identify the vehicle ID but simultaneously identify an authorised driver as well. This ability significantly improves security in areas where several different drivers are driving vehicles.