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The security industry is rapidly embracing new technologies. Access control software and CCTV monitoring software are more and more situated in the cloud and can be accessed at any time from any location. And large enterprise organizations are orchestrating their security policies and systems from their HQ’s all across their international estates.

Typical applications

  • Vehicle and driver identification
  • Building access
  • License plate recognition


Convenience and user support

Security systems are implemented to safeguard business continuity. The most important success factor  in any security environment is the support of the people that are affected by the system. It is Nedap’s strong belief that the right security levels can only be achieved when people are committed to using the system in the right way. And they will only act as such if the aforementioned systems will not get in their way and preferably enhance the way they can perform their tasks.

Enterprise roll outs

Rolling out security policies and system across multiple sites in multiple countries in a uniform, effective  and consistent way is not an easy task. Programs offered by vendors will only succeed if the systems of choice are easily installed and configured by a variety of installation service providers and if they comply with international and local standards and regulations.

Changing population

Current generations in general demonstrate less loyalty towards their employers. Employee contracts in general tend to be more short term. And more and more flexible working relationships are put in place. The result of this is that higher volumes of people move in and out of organizations in shorter time frames. Upholding adequate security levels is only possible when security systems that are implemented are designed to accommodate these dynamics.

Cars are potential “Trojan Horses”

Although people are the number one carrier of security credentials, it seems important not to forget about the second most important carrier of security credentials: vehicles. Industrial sites, corporate estates, university campuses and airports all are faced with large volumes of vehicles that move in and out secured zones. When not monitored closely, vehicles can easily bring in unsolicited visitors. Checking each vehicle manually at the entrance can however be very time consuming and slowing down business processes.


Automatic Vehicle Identification

Vehicular access control is supported by the long-range RFID systems Nedap TRANSIT and Nedap uPASS. In addition our ANPR product line can be used. The Nedap TRANSIT portfolio also contains a so-callled ‘Booster’, a combination of a card reader and AVI transponder. This device enables you to not only identify the vehicle, but also it’s driver. A system which is used in many high-end security installations and taxi dispatch systems at airports like London Heathrow.