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With MOOV you have total control over access to city centers, holiday parks and campsites, and pre-booked and multi-tenant parking.

MOOV City Access nedap

MOOV City Access

Urbanization is leading to an increase in the number of people and vehicles in the city worldwide. This creates great pressure on the flow of traffic. Many cities choose to restrict vehicle access in certain places. At the same time, suppliers and emergency services must be able to reach those places. How do you check who is allowed in and when?

Discover MOOV City Access: a complete solution that allows you to easily control automatic access of vehicle in the city center.

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MOOV Leisure nedap

MOOV Leisure

Being the manager of a campsite or holiday park, you will undoubtedly strive for a pleasant stay for your guests. A frictionless flow of vehicles and controlled access by those who enter the site contribute to this. Manual operation of the barrier takes a lot of time and you naturally do not want to have guests wait unnecessarily in front of a closed gate.

With MOOV Leisure you automatically arrange the access of vehicles to your campsite or holiday park and ensure a hospitable reception of your guests.

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Jachthavenweg Amsterdam

MOOV Multi-Tenant

Office buildings with associated parking facilities are nowadays increasingly shared by different companies. Although such multi-tenant locations have many advantages, failure to comply with agreements can also lead to frustration and discussions. That is why easy management of shared parking capacity is very important.

MOOV Multi-Tenant is the solution that allows you to easily arrange automatic vehicle access in a shared car park.

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