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MOOV is the enabler for your pre-book and multi-tenant parking, and (city)access control applications.

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MOOV Software

Dedicated cloud platform for vehicle access control. The MOOV Software is available at any time and from anywhere by authorized people. The user friendly interface makes it easy to manage vehicle access rights, announce exemptions, manage shared parking spaces and create time schedules.

The MOOV Software consists of dedicated modules that provide advanced options for various vehicle access control applications like city access control, pre-book parking and multi-tenant parking applications.

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MOOV VMC Controller

The MOOV VMC (Vehicle Management Controller) is a controller that connects all local vehicle access equipment. Barriers, RFID readers, ANPR cameras, traffic lights, intercoms: everything that is needed locally to build a intelligent vehicle access applications. 

The controller is able to run standalone, even when the connection is lost, the vehicle entrance will remain operational.

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Urban mobility

Many urban environments suffer from lack of vehicle access control: too much traffic in the already overpopulated city center, pedestrians that feel unsafe in shopping zones, business estates that have difficulties managing their parking capacity. MOOV is the most advanced system for vehicle access control in the traffic and parking industry. It was designed with three applications in mind: city access control, multi-tenant parking estates, pre-book parking.