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15 years of TRANSIT

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June 09, 2015



For over 15 years, the TRANSIT Standard has been deployed successfully in thousands of installations all over the world. Every day millions of cars, taxis, buses, trucks and other vehicles are identified with Nedap’s RFID technology. A few of the successful TRANSIT cases are highlighted below. The new TRANSIT Ultimate is fully backward compatible with all existing TRANSIT installations. 

Vehicle access control at Burj Khalifa in Dubai

At 829 meters, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, is currently the tallest man-made structure in the world. With more than 5,000 people moving in and out of this landmark building every day, fast and efficient traffic flow is vital to its day-to-day security management.

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High-end security showcase at headquarters CROC

The Russian IT company CROC has implemented an integrated security system to create a safe and comfortable work environment for their employees working at their headquarters. Employees and visitors experience comfortable, user-friendly vehicle access thanks to automatic long-range vehicle identification technology from Nedap, in cooperation with the Russian partner AAM systems.

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Bringing seaport security to the next level

Did you know? Nedap Identification Systems offers innovative vehicle identification systems for seaport security. This technology provides seamless monitoring of vehicle and driver activities in and around secured areas and facilities such as sea ports and terminals.

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Improving vehicle operations in mining industry

Characterized by complex operations under harsh environmental conditions, the challenge in the mining industry is to improve mining operations while ensuring proper management of safety and security. This leads to a growing demand from mining companies for reliable systems and technology to help face this challenge.

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