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New: Nedap e-learning courses

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July 11, 2016


Our valued partners install our products worldwide. The perceived quality of our products is the result of the installation and commissioning services provided by you as a partner provide.

Our current training courses, support team and partner portal are there to enable successful implementation and use of our products.  We now add another dimension to our partner support program: e-learning courses!

Learn anywhere and at any time

Each e-learning course consists of installation, configuration and commissioning modules. These modules provide technicians with essential knowledge of Nedap products. At the end of each module a few questions are presented to verify if the objectives of that module are met. If these questions are answered correctly, a certificate will be issued.

E-learning courses for ANPR Access, TRANSIT Ultimate, uPASS Reach and uPASS Access are available at this point in time at the partner portal. More products will be added in the near future. The e-learning courses are available in English and can be used by our partners free of charge.

No access to the partner portal yet? Find out more about Nedap’s dedicated web-based portal here and login.