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Perimiter protection to optimize security designs

As a system integrator, you understand the increasing need to optimize security designs. In the past, attention was focused on securing buildings. But now, it’s becoming just as important for security managers to secure their sites’ perimeters and other vehicle entrances and exits. They’re typically the first and last opportunities to check that only authorized vehicles and drivers are on site or in a zone.

For security managers, achieving the desired levels of security while maintaining convenience for users is a challenge.

You can help them overcome this by sharing your knowledge and offering a broad portfolio that includes automatic vehicle identification (AVI) solutions. This kind of AVI technology is becoming essential and can be easily integrated into existing processes.

How we can help

Nedap has over 30 years’ experience in this field and offers an AVI product portfolio that meets every need for vehicle (and driver) access control. Including products that use semi-active and passive RFID, license plate recognition and mobile credentials. Our quality levels are high, and you can easily integrate a wide network of access control brands with our technologies, so installation is straightforward

“Nedap’s vehicle identification portfolio enables us to create complete security designs in which vehicle entrances are included, besides securing the building. The RFID readers and ANPR camera are easily integrated into the different access control software options.”

Key benefits

  • Easy to innovate and extend your AVI portfolio.
  • Increase your relevance for perimeter access control.
  • Work with a partner with 30+ years’ experience in (long-range) RFID and OCR.
  • Get personal product training.
  • Get support in 15 languages.

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