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An efficient and profitable business

As a system integrator, you’re under great responsibility to design and implement optimal security setups to protect people and property. You need to consider how protection is provided – right from the perimeter fence through to inner zones within buildings.

As part of this, you must figure out which access control platform and products to use where and how. And, as well as these products needing to be high quality, you want them to be easy to install and maintain, so your business is efficient and profitable.

How we can help

With more than 30 years’ experience in automatic vehicle (and driver) identification, we understand how vital it is for equipment to be both robust and accurate. Our portfolio is based on high-quality automatic vehicle identification products that stand the test of time, even when located outdoors, and need little maintenance. They’re plug and play products that are quick and easy to install, designed with users in mind, and are easy to integrate with a wide range of access control platforms.

“Besides the quality, Nedap delivers products which are easy to install and integrate. Therefore I have an efficient workflow in which I really can focus on the complete security design without losing relevant time.”

Key benefits

  • High quality, plug and play products.
  • Easy to install and need little maintenance.
  • Based on decades of experience developing AVI products.
  • Easy to integrate with a wide network of access control brands.
  • Nedap supports you with relevant, extensive market knowledge

Product advisor

With just 3 simple clicks, we can guide you through our product advisor to give you a solid product advise based on your needs and wishes.