Get ready for something NEW | 4 June 2024

Protection should start at gated vehicle access points

The growing number of security threats and safety concerns puts even more pressure on security teams. Gated vehicle access points typically mark the transition from public to private space. At Nedap, we believe that that’s where protection needs to start.

But how do you prevent unwanted or unauthorized visitors from entering, while also ensuring a welcoming, convenient entry process for employees, visitors and others?

And how do you comply with various regulations and access control policies without causing congestion? It can be challenging to find an identification system that enables secure, efficient vehicle access control.

How we can help

We offer a wide range of solutions for securing sites while also maximizing traffic throughput at regulated vehicle access points. Our portfolio includes long-range RFID, UHF and ANPR readers that identify vehicles and drivers automatically at entry and exit points, with no need for them to stop.

“The choice of Nedap’s readers and vehicle tags provided us with solutions to our initial challenges in regards to vehicle access control and has been a resounding success ever since”

Key benefits

  • Highly accurate identification for secure access control.
  • Long-range identification allows rapid vehicle flow.
  • Access is granted automatically with no manual input.
  • Provides an optimal entry and exit experience.
  • Saves time for security managers by optimizing the access control process.

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