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Prologis in Mexico City

With over $2.2 trillion economic value of goods flowing through their distribution centers each year worldwide, Prologis is the world’s leader in Logistics Real Estate Solutions focusing on key logistic markets.

Their goal is to assist customers with both offshoring and nearshoring, supporting industrial warehouse and distribution needs and light manufacturing operations.

Regional distribution to Mexico’s most important growth markets

Prologis is also ideally positioned for regional distribution to Mexico’s most important growth markets. Greater Mexico City is one of the most important economic hubs in Latin America and accounts for nearly a quarter of Mexico’s GDP.

Outdated access control solution

In Mexico, Prologis has 6 locations where many people drive in and out every day. In addition to the level of security, a seamless passage is also necessary to avoid congestion and provide employees and visitors with ease of entry and exit. Besides security, the need for an up to date access control solution was to collect data. The data of vehicles entering and leaving the sites helps Prologis to optimize their planning of logistic processes inside their facilities.

Co-operation with integrator ASPI Systems

The need to update the access control systems led Prologis contract the services of ASPI Systems. This is an integrating company that has been in the Mexican market for 15 years providing electronic security solutions and software integration. ASPI Systems has been working with Prologis since 2015 carrying out vehicular access control, video surveillance, fire and software integration projects.

Ease of entry for employees and visitors

The access control upgrade for the industrial parks had one requirement: ease of entry for both employees and visitors. ASPI Systems and Prologis where looking for an identification solution with high precision and flexibility in autonomous operation. Therefore, they have chosen to install 17 ANPR Lumo license plate readers across six industrial parks in the state of Mexico. One of the installations was in a LEED-certified warehouse in a master-planned industrial park. This 387,400 square foot warehouse contains 266 parking spaces and 100 dock high doors. With the amount of inflow and outflow of cars every day, the importance of accurate, efficient, and reliable technology was evident.

ANPR Lumo Prologis Mexico

The ANPR Lumo

The ANPR Lumo is an all-in-one license plate camera, including embedded software, analyzer, and IR illuminator. With a range of action of 2 to 10 meters (6.5 to 33 feet), the advanced camera ensures a smooth recognition of vehicles. The camera can be easily integrated to any access control system. For ASPI Systems, resident control, the ANPR Lumo camera is integrated with Kantech’s access control system.


As a result, the process of implementing the ANPR Lumo’s leaded to the following results:

  • Easy and seamless access for both employees and visitors, which higher the level of work experience;
  • Added incremental security at the perimeter;
  • Control of trucks entering and leaving the logistics centers. The ANPR Lumo enabled them to correlate the vehicle ID with the shipment orders at the security check point.

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