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Largest Islamic bank in the Middle East

The Al Rajhi Bank is a Saudi Arabian commercial bank founded in 1957 and is headquartered at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The bank is one of the largest banks in Saudi Arabia and has branches in Kuwait and Jordan, and a subsidiary in Malaysia and Syria.

The need for securing entry gates

The Al Rajhi Bank Headquarters includes a 14 floor parking facility consisting of 1,500 parking spaces. The bank considers a high level of security standards and employee safety policies. To control vehicle access and monitor the flow, specific entry and exit gates where assigned to groups of employees. Depending on the employee type, each employee was only granted access through the permitted gates to enter and exit the parking facility.

Securing entry gates to the parking facility was a fundamental need as all the critical IT infrastructure and day-to-day operations where managed from the HQ building. To control security and vehicle access to the large parking facility, the bank was looking for a solution to prevent unauthorized access, while employees have seamless access to the parking facility when they start their working day.

Convenient and secure vehicle access for employees

After evaluating several solutions, Nedap’s ANPR solution was chosen to provide secure and convenient vehicle access for employees. Nedap’s ANPR series consist of license plate recognition cameras with an accurate read-range up to 10 meters. This solution offers built-in access control features and the option to configure time-based access control.  Web based software enables the camera to be used as a stand-alone solution. It also comes with other configurable features such as adjustable read-range, detection-zone and Wiegand output.

With the user friendly configuration of Nedap’s ANPR platform, the bank could easily enroll employee vehicles, grant access, modify access rights and also provide access temporarily or incidentally. Employees could easily raise a request to the security team, whenever they have a change of vehicle and update their vehicle details without any hassle.

Securing the 14 floor parking facility

With Nedap’s ANPR solution, implementation partner Idex Services was able to achieve the desired results, such as securing the parking facility, providing touchless vehicle access and also assigning dedicated gates to groups of employees to monitor the flow of vehicles. This contributes to a welcoming experience at the parking facility for employees.

“Securing 14 floor parking facility of the biggest bank in Saudi Arabia was a very challenging task. Especially, to comply with the banking policy of dedicated entry points for groups of employees while ensuring seamless access. With high accuracy and flexibility to function as stand-alone system, Nedap’s ANPR solution made it easier to achieve the client requirement.”
Idex Services

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