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Ljubljana, Slovenia – Nedap recently had the privilege of participating in the Adria Security Summit, a gathering of industry leaders, professionals, and security enthusiasts in the heart of Ljubljana. Alongside our esteemed partner, Spica Group, Nedap Identification Systems showcased its cutting-edge solutions, demonstrating once again our commitment to delivering innovative security technologies.

Our Business Development Manager, Marinda Broekhuizen, shares five key takeaways and reflections from the Adria Security Summit 2023:

1. Engaging with Industry Leaders

The summit provided a unique opportunity to engage with industry leaders, professionals, and like-minded experts. Because of the dynamic atmosphere of the event, we easily got engaged in conversation with peers and potential clients. These interactions offered valuable insights into the latest trends, challenges and innovations in the ever-evolving security landscape. The summit was not just about showcasing our solutions; it was about being part of meaningful conversations that drive progress.

2. Positive Reception of ANPR Lumo

The ANPR Lumo camera was one of the standout features at the summit. It attracted significant attention from the attendees, who were keen to explore its advanced features and capabilities. While we received positive feedback on its performance, it’s essential to recognize that the interest it generated also underlines the industry’s growing demand for efficient and reliable Automatic Number Plate Recognition solutions. The camera’s reception serves as a testament to the value it brings to the security landscape, reinforcing our commitment to meeting these evolving needs.

3. Networking and Relationship Building

More than just a platform for product showcases, the summit served as a networking hub. In a world driven by connections, it is important to build and strengthen relationships with partners, clients, and industry influencers. These relationships are crucial for staying abreast of market dynamics, fostering collaborations, and ultimately, ensuring success. Direct feedback from summit attendees provided positive testimonials, strengthening the real impact of our solutions.

4. Evolving Security Landscape

The Adria Security Summit reaffirmed what we already knew – the security landscape is a continually shifting canvas. Threats and challenges emerge and evolve, demanding adaptability and innovation from companies like ours. We are proud to play a pivotal role in addressing the challenges in regards to smooth vehicle access control and helping our partners and clients stay one step ahead of the game.

5. Diverse Audience and International Presence

The summit drew attendees from various backgrounds, comprising security professionals, industry representatives, and prospective clients. The international representation highlighted the event’s importance not only in the Adriatic region but also on a global scale. It reflected the universal interest in security solutions including long-range vehicle and driver identification.

“I look forward to leveraging the momentum gained at the summit to drive the success of Nedap Identification Systems in the dynamic security market. Our collaboration with Spica Group exemplifies the strength we find in unity, positioning us as influential players in the ever-evolving landscape of security solutions.”
Marinda Broekhuizen, Business Development Manager South Europe

In conclusion, Nedap’s participation in the Adria Security Summit 2023, alongside Spica Group, proved to be a highly insightful and productive experience. The enthusiastic response to our innovative solutions not only validates our unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge security technologies but also underscores the value we bring to the security industry.

Should you have any specific insights or thoughts from the summit that you would like to discuss further, please feel free to reach out. Or are you curious where you can meet us during upcoming exhibitions and events? Please check out or events calendar.