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Every year in May, the SECTECH Roadshow has firmed its place in the calendar for all security professionals involved in the Australian security industry.  The 3-week roadshow is a gathering of leading industry manufacturers and distributors, taking their solutions  to the 5 major cities across Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

As Business Development Manager for the Pacific region, Benjamin Cho deemed the SECTECH Roadshow a resounding success, leveraging his extensive knowledge and experience. The event provided an excellent platform for Nedap to engage with both new and existing customers, facilitating meaningful connections and fruitful discussions.

“SECTECH 2023 was another successful event for Nedap, where we were able to meet and connect with new and existing customers.  The quality of conversations at our booth was very high, with new customers taking away ideas to apply long-range vehicle identification in their next projects, but also existing customers complimenting on the quality of our products.”- Benjamin Cho, Business Development Manager at Nedap.

Below are Benjamin’s top 5 key insights gained from the SECTECH Roadshow:

1. Quality products never gets old

One of the most rewarding conversations you can have at a booth is when customers compliment your solutions, and provide positive feedback about using Nedap products. In several cities, compliments were given by System Integrators who installed our products on sites – some projects over 15 years ago! They still remain as returning customers since they have experienced the quality of our products, and will promote our RFID and LPR solutions into new projects with confidence.

2. License Plate Recognition is trending in Australia

In recent times, the significance of video security in vehicle access control has witnessed a notable surge. The SECTECH roadshow featured a diverse range of video-based solutions, including CCTV-based products and ANPR cameras. It was particularly remarkable to observe the growing interest in this technology within Australia. Furthermore, engaging in meaningful conversations surrounding ANPR technology was rewarding, as it became evident that Nedap’s ANPR Lumo is exceptionally well-suited to cater to these requirements.

Differentiating between Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras and standard CCTV is crucial for accurate vehicle number plate reading. Explore this topic further in this article to gain valuable insights and illuminate the distinguishing factors.

3. Great partnerships and integrations are a must

During the SECTECH roadshow, the presence of Electronic Access Control brands was notable as they showcased their offerings. These brands play a central role in every security design, providing the foundation for security hardware such as door readers and long-range readers. A prominent example of these key players includes Gallagher. Nedap has established a highly relevant partnership with them in the region, collaborating to deliver tailored and successful solutions to numerous clients. This partnership offers immense value to customers, combining reliable high-quality products, extensive knowledge, and seamless integrations.

4. A reference paints a thousand words

During such events, individuals often encounter moments where they find themselves explaining products to someone unfamiliar with the company and its technology. They exert considerable effort to capture the person’s attention and effectively pitch the product. However, it is when they begin to mention recognizable customer projects that a noticeable shift occurs. During SECTECH suddenly the listener’s eyes light up and their undivided attention is captured. Benjamin experienced (again) that the power of a single impressive reference surpasses the impact of a lengthy explanation consisting of a thousand words.

5. Roadshows break the mold

Benjamin discovered the distinct advantages of hosting a roadshow over a 3 to 4-day period. Unlike traditional trade shows in this region that are typically limited to Sydney or Melbourne, the SECTECH Roadshow breaks the mold by visiting major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. This concept allows system integrators from different parts of the country to attend the show in their respective cities. While the booth sizes and overall crowd may not match those of traditional shows, the attendees are industry-specific, leading to focused discussions on project-specific matters of exceptional quality.

Nedap was part of a industry’s collaborative spirit

The SECTECH Roadshow proved physically demanding with travel and booth setups, but Benjamin had a fantastic time networking with industry professionals.

Nedap’s participation was a great success, offering high-quality information and reaffirming their commitment to prioritizing people’s needs in regards to their solutions. The event highlighted the industry’s collaborative spirit and dedication to advancing security technology. Curious where you can meet us during upcoming exhibitions and events? Please check out or events calendar.