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As airports must comply with increasingly strict safety and security policies and regulations, security professionals’ jobs get evermore challenging. Secure and accurate access control is essential, so only authorized vehicles and drivers have automatic access at gates, and smooth traffic flow is ensured.

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As hubs for both freight and passenger transport, ports are crucial to a country’s economy. Which means automatic access control is vital to guarantee safety and security, will also enabling the efficient flow of people and vehicles that are authorized to enter.

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The mining industry is faced with safeguarding employees in harsh environments that involves heavy machinery, complex logistics and sites in remote locations. It’s vital that only authorized vehicles and drivers can enter a site and specific zones within it. This must be done cost effectively and without affecting productivity.

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Gated communities

Gated communities range from compounds of rented apartments to supported housing developments for elderly people and entire neighborhoods of high-value mansions. But all have one common challenge: the complexity of allowing convenient access for residents, visitors and services while maintaining security.

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Public services

Locations such as government offices, police stations, schools, universities and defense posts share a common challenge. They need high levels of security, but also need to provide easy, welcoming access to authorized people and their vehicles.

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As the growth of ecommerce fuels the logistics industry, depots and other facilities in the delivery chain are becoming ever busier. Which makes managing traffic flow and ensuring security and safety even more complex.

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Industrial sites

Whether an industrial site involves the supply of utilities, or its focus is on manufacturing, there’s usually a range of potential dangers for visitors and employees. Effective protection needs to begin at the entrance gate, alongside efficient traffic management.

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Business premises

To ensure safety and security for an office building and those using it, protection needs to begin at the perimeter gate or car park entrance. And, as people tend to come and go at similar times, traffic management is important to prevent frustrating bottlenecks at exits and entrances.

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