Get ready for something NEW | 4 June 2024

Meet our multi-technology reader NVITE

A welcoming experience starts at the gate, specifically for visitors, contractors and other users that come and go on a non-frequent basis. It is often challenging to manage these types of groups and experience shows that these groups can cause major problems that result in queuing at the gate.

To enable easy vehicle gate access for this specific purpose we recently announced the launch of a new reader: NVITE. This reader complements the other readers in our portfolio and combines multiple technologies (e.g. smartcards, QR and Bluetooth) in one device thereby providing flexibility to end-users and integrators to manage these types of vehicle flows using dedicated identification methods depending on user rights.

The versatile nature of this reader fits well with the increased awareness and demand for touchless solutions that do not require physical contact for providing access to users as well as providing access credentials to users by operators. With the addition of NVITE, we are able to accommodate an even larger flow of vehicles, thereby contributing to a welcoming and seamless experience at the gate.

Watch the NVITE webinar

Want to know more about the possibilities NVITE might hold for you? Please watch our webinar and live demonstration with our Proposition Manager Ido Wentink and Product Specialist Hans Rappard. Discover the ins & outs of this reader, learn more about the applications NVITE supports and interact with our team on questions you might have!


Download webinar recording