Get ready for something NEW | 4 June 2024

6 valuable benefits of long-range automatic vehicle & driver identification

We’ve all sat frustrated at a barrier as we wait for the drivers in front to be let through manually. It’s a really poor welcome and can be particularly damaging in situations where first impressions count or where speed is critical for operations to run smoothly and profitably. What’s more, it is time consuming for security professionals who could be focusing on other tasks.

If you’ve arrived at a vehicle entrance or exit, and the barrier’s risen without you or a guard doing anything, however, you’ve most likely experienced long-range automatic vehicle identification. It’s convenient for drivers and keeps traffic flowing – and there are many more benefits too.

Within this white paper, we’ll look at six key benefits of this kind of identification:

1.Highly accurate identification for secure access control.
2.Optimized traffic flow into and across your site.
3.Reduced costs and increased efficiency.
4.Fast, safe access for vehicles and drivers.
5.Touchless identification for increased hygiene.
6.Registering, tracking and tracing vehicles and drivers.

Download this white paper to learn more about how long-range automatic vehicle identification (AVI) will be benificial for many reasons.

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