5 key challenges for vehicle access control and how to address them

Securing a perimeter gate, and other vehicle access and exit points, requires careful consideration. It’s not just about keeping unwanted people out. It’s about allowing convenient access, keeping traffic flowing, maintaining safety, meeting regulations, monitoring and tracking movements – and much more. Therefore, it is important to understand what challenges you may encounter as a security professional and how to address them.

Within this white paper, we look at the top 5 challenges when it comes to vehicle access control:

1. Providing the right level of security.
2. Optimizing traffic flow.
3. Identifying different users quickly and easily.
4. Avoiding delays at the entrance.
5. Identifying vehicles for enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Download this white paper to learn more about how long-range automatic vehicle identification (AVI) can address these challenges with the use of different technologies like touchless tag readers and license plate recognition.

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