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How automated gate access control positively influences the vehicle throughput and security level at industrial plants

Within this white paper, Nedap Identification Systems shares their vision on the importance of using automatic vehicle (and driver) identification at industrial plants, to maximize gate access control efficiency. There will be explained how these industrial sites can increase the vehicle (and driver) throughput and how they can control the different aspects that make a personalized, secured gate access design.

Industrial processes are at the core of the worldwide economy. This part of our economy is featured by the production and processing of material goods. In this type of environment, vehicles come and go on a frequent basis, often in large volumes.

Suboptimal management of traffic flows to- and on-premise ultimately leads to reduced efficiency and other side effects such as safety hazards. Proper management of vehicles at the gate plays a vital role as it serves as the gatekeeper to the industrial site itself. In terms of traffic throughput, an important challenge for industrial plants is: How to maintain a certain level of security, while thousands of people have to enter and exit in limited time slots?

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