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Automatic vehicle identification solutions reduce delay

Whether you need to protect an industrial environment, a logistics site or an office setting, you want to ensure a safe, smooth process for vehicle access control. So vehicles and drivers get easy access to the perimeter gate, without queuing.

Often, people such as employees, visitors and suppliers need to be registered when they arrive and leave, as well as having their identity checked. But by identifying vehicles and drivers manually, they need to stop and present a card or use an intercom to get access.

This is time consuming and can lead to congestion – especially if there are large numbers of vehicles. How easy would it be if there was an automated solution that reduces delays for users and saves a lot of time for you as a security professional?

How we can help

Our long-range readers automatically identify vehicles and drivers on arrival. So they don’t have to stop for vehicle access control at perimeter gates or individual zones. This helps to ensure smooth traffic flow and frees up time for security professionals to focus on other tasks.

“Nedap’s identification systems have replaced our manual process resulting in an optimized process of entering and leaving at the gate. The driver experience as well as the productivity for our security professional increased enormously.”

Key benefits

  • Fast, safe identification and registration of vehicles (and drivers).
  • No queues, so no delays.
  • A fully automated process that saves time for users and security professionals.
Driver experiences convenience access

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