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Challenging traffic flow situations

Maybe you need to secure an industrial environment where all kinds of vehicles continually drive in and out. Or a logistics depot where trucks and vans are transporting materials from one place to another. Often, the diversity and number of vehicles entering, leaving and moving around a site makes controlling traffic flow very challenging.


You need a seamless access control process that prevents vehicle congestion – a solution that automatically identifies vehicles from a long distance to help you optimise the flow of authorised vehicles and drivers.

How we can help

Have you ever thought of a solution that can automatically identify and even register vehicles over a long distance? With our products, vehicles don’t have to stop at gates. If they’re authorized for access, they can drive straight through.

“For our mining operations, the requirements were a very accurate detection solution on a wide variety of vehicles. Nedap’s semi-active RFID solutions were matching these needs and therefore 100 readers and thousands of tags are used.”

Key benefits

  • Automatic, long-range vehicle identification increases traffic flow.
  • Safe, fast access to sites for vehicles and drivers.
  • A full, contactless identification process.
  • Lower costs due to increased efficiency and reduced maintenance and support.
  • AVI enables valuable data to be collected.

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