Residential security

Nedap is the leading expert for long-range Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems for Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI).

With a wide product portfolio Nedap offers the latest gate entry solutions in the residential security industry. uPASS Reach offers vehicle identification up to a distance of 5 meters [16 ft.]. This reader, based in UHF (Ultra High Frequency), is the right solution for straightforward access to car parks, gated communities, condominiums and campuses.

Homeowner Association

The homeowner association (HOA) of Stonebridge realized that vehicles access to this exclusive address, situated in the rolling landscape of the Ozark Mountains, had to meet a higher level of security, protection and user-convenience. The former access control system which was no longer up to par. The delays this caused during peak hours, combined with the inconvenience of being exposed to the elements each time they entered their community, encouraged the homeowner association to search for a better solution. The HOA required a solution that would improve the throughput without sacrificing the security of the gated community. Furthermore, it was important that the solution would not heavily impact the monthly HOA fee for residents.

Cost-effective system

Nedap’s integration partner Federal Protection, provider of residential security services, renewed access control system. With implementing uPASS Reach readers at all entrance and exit points of the gated community, the HOA chose the right cost-effective system for straightforward access of vehicles in and out of secured premises.

Residents vehicles equipped with a windshield mounted UHF tag are automatically identified at a distance of 5 meters when approaching the gate. This valuable solution means that residents no longer have to stop at the gate to present their credential. Besides offering secured vehicle access, this solution prevents delays during peak times.

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