Jumeirah Islands

Located in the heart of Dubai, Jumeriah Islands consisting of 768 villas is a most desirable residential district. It is a secure and family oriented residential community with surroundings of lush landscaping and crystal waterfalls, providing safe & luxurious living beyond the ordinary.

With increased stress on security, the luxurious community required a vehicle access control solution, which could restrict unauthorized vehicle entry and provide convenient access to its tenants and contractors.

Secure vehicle access

Focusing on increased security and convenience standards, the team at Jumeirah islands decided to implement a system which could restrict entry of unauthorized people and vehicles to the community. Nedap’s automatic vehicle identification UHF solution – uPass Target with a read range of 10 meters (33 feet) and UHF ISO Cards – were used to secure vehicle access to the community. The adjustable read range feature of uPASS Target with circular tag orientation, and its operational effectiveness with passive UHF ISO Cards, made it the perfect solution meeting both security and convenience standards.

Easy to install

With the standard mounting set provided, the UHF reader is pole mounted and required adjustments in read-range are made for efficient performance of the solution. The capability to support variety of industry standard communication interfaces enabled seamless integration with Nedap’s AEOS access control system.

Improved security through vehicle identification

Manually verifying all vehicles at the gates would restrict traffic flow and result in queuing, causing inconvenience to the residents. Nedap’s vehicle identification system provides convenient access to the tenants and contractors, ensuring a smooth vehicle flow. The automatic system identifies the UHF ISO Card issued when it comes within the read range thereby eliminating queueing of vehicles. The system has resulted in a smooth flow of authorized people & vehicles and increased the safety of residents.

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