Get ready for something NEW | 4 June 2024

Automatic identification at a distance

uPASS Target is a convenient, secure option for long-range vehicle identification and tracking. It’s particularly suitable for sites attracting heavy vehicles, such as industrial sites and logistics depots. Combined with one of our (EPC Gen2 V2) tags, uPASS Target ensures only authorized vehicles and drivers can enter and exit, and you know exactly who’s on site.

With fast, automatic identification there’s no need for traffic to stop and start. And the adjustable read range, means you can identify vehicles up to 15 meters* (50 ft) away.

You can increase the reading range even further by positioning our uPASS Antenna under or next to a uPASS Target reader. Which is useful if you need a reader in an awkward position or have a situation demanding both vehicle entry and exit lanes, for example.

*In combination with UHF Windshield Tag. The maximum read range depends on reader type, the installation and the environment.

Key benefits

  • Superior read range up to 15m* (50 ft)
  • Adjustable read range
  • Easy integration with all leading access control platforms
  • Complies with EPC global Gen 2 directive for secure communication and tag authentication
  • Supports OSDP v2, including secure channel protocol

Typical applications

Access control and monitoring traffic flow activities at industrial sites

Logistics depots to ensure secure vehicle access and registration

How to buy?

Nedap is your supplier for long-range readers which are expertly installed by our trusted partners. Think it suits your needs? Please contact us. Not sure if it’s right for you? Or want to see how it works before placing an order?