Innovative ride-share operator

Sheremetyevo Moscow is the largest airport in Russia, operating international flights to more than two hundred destinations. With a significant increase of passenger amounts year-by-year, safety and security of traffic flows is a major concern for the airport authorities.
In order to monitor, control and manage operations from taxis, Sheremetyevo introduced in cooperation with ride-share operator Yandex.Taxi.

A new and innovative policy on commercial ground transportation ensures that only licensed drivers from Yandex.Taxi are authorized to pick up customers from the terminal taxi rank.

Yandex.Taxi is part of Yandex and known as the “Google of Russia”. Russia’s largest technology company has a leading position in the regions web search, maps and mobile navigation. Customers can connect to Yandex.Taxi services through an app. With these applications, the user can order a taxi, follow the route and share their opinion about the service.

Long-range taxi and driver identification vehicles are equipped with a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag. When entering and leaving the barrier controlled terminals, long-range UHF RFID readers enable fast, secure and user-convenient identification of both the taxi and its driver. The RFID system is provided by Nedap, a leading specialist in system for vehicle and driver identification. Nedap’s system for Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) is integrated with the existing Scheidt & Bachmann barrier infrastructure and Commercial Ground Transportation Platform from Urban Innovation Group to effectively control taxi operations and generate revenues from taxi usage events.

The Russia based Urban Innovation Group is a global developer of smart parking solutions as an integral part of transportation infrastructures. Nedap is a technology company from The Netherlands and a leading specialist in systems for vehicle and driver identification, vehicle detection and vehicle access control. AAM Systems is a Nedap Certified Business Partner and the distributor for Nedap Identification Systems in Russia and the CIS.

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