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Secure yet accessible medical center

It is AZ Zeno’s highest priority to guarantee the security of patients and employees. With Nedap’s TRANSIT long-range identification readers, emergency vehicles get swift access to the hospital’s premises.

With AEOS, Nedap provides the medical care center with a complete solution for physical access control, and the system will also be used to manage staff lockers. By combining Nedap’s solutions, AZ Zeno is able to offer both patients and employees the best possible security and accessibility.

Complementary products

AZ Zeno combines functionality and sustainability and respects the rural character of the local landscape. The link between inside and outside and between medical facilities and public spaces is almost seamless. And the center’s sustainable design focuses on its surroundings, ecological energy and the use of reclaimed materials.

“We are proud that two of our business units contribute to the security of this exceptional and innovative center and to a better accessibility for its users. The simultaneous implementation of AEOS and TRANSIT is a great example of the complementary character of Nedap’s products.” Nedap-CEO Ruben Wegman

To implement the system, Nedap collaborated with partner Electro Enterprise Gullegem.

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