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Robust, accurate and flexible

TRANSIT Ultimate is an incredibly robust RFID reader that retains peak performance, even in harsh environments. And has the exceptional power to identify both vehicles and drivers simultaneously – even when they’re up to 15 meters* away and travelling at speeds of up to 200km/h.

This ability to identify vehicles and drivers at the same time, and the fact TRANSIT Ultimate is extremely accurate, makes it ideal for situations needing high-security vehicular access control.

Based on semi-active RFID technology, TRANSIT Ultimate reads vertically and horizontally, and has an adjustable read range. So there’s lots of flexibility to position it in the best place for the situation.

*When used with Window Button. The maximum read range depends on the identifier type, the installation and the environment.

Key benefits

  • Identifies drivers and their vehicles simultaneously
  • Long, adjustable read range (up to 15 metres*)
  • Sophisiticated authentication of secure tags
  • Easy integration with all leading access control platforms
  • Supports OSDP v2, including secure channel protocol

Typical applications

Highly secure vehicle access at airports, seaports, mines, military bases and factories

Tank & loading facilities for flammable gases, liquids and solids

Vehicular access control in difficult environments, such as sites that have to deal with heavy weather or dangerous chemicals

Locations with high volumes of traffic, including multiple lanes

How to buy?

Nedap is your supplier for long-range readers which are expertly installed by our trusted partners. Think it suits your needs? Please contact us. Not sure if it’s right for you? Or want to see how it works before placing an order?

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